Beyrouth’s – The Street Food Company

I worked alongside the founder to achieve his vision of an Urban Themed Beirut and to convert a run-of-the-mill site into something special that had curb appeal and would stand out amongst the local competition. In addition to the design work I also managed the social media promotions which included twitter campaigns, Facebook setup and managing TripAdvisor. The social media management has been a huge success and has built up a good presence in the Streatham community thanks to targeted tweets and interactions with people, community groups, media and businesses within the SW16/Streatham area. Using Tweetreach and Monitter to track the account we reached over 5200 accounts by day 3 and had made over 8000 impressions all within the target area which resulted in over 600 people through the door on the opening day and they are continuing to pour in.

For all printed material we kept it clean and simple as we didn’t want to clutter the tables, a simple A3 menu place mat was designed to show all products, pricing and brand USPs in one convenient, easy to use location. Additional to this we created a miniature concertina take out menu, A6 invite postcards (with a nod to colonial Beirut) and a customer comment card.


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