REVIEW – Hisense 50 Inch Widescreen 4K Smart LED TV with Freeview HD H50M3300 (M3300 series)

I’ve recently purchased the 50″ version of this TV myself (£420!!!) and have been blown away by the quality, especially when playing HDR 4k games through it or watching 4k Netflix content – the quality is so good its like looking through a window on some scenes!! Even upscaling aerial HD channels is excellent. Only criticism is out of the box the picture is rubbish – you need to adjust the backlight and the sharpness then enable enhanced HDMI for full HDR 4k gaming (seriously it’s mind blowing how good this is, even without considering the price!)

Hisense is actually a huge player in the China and are currently making waves over here in the UK and the rest of the western marketplace…






Below is an impartial review from Amazon…

Watching TV.
Never really had a problem with picture quality. The 4K Content looks unbelievably good. I heard 4K TV’s can struggle with 720p and make it unreasonably blurry. Only ever seen that once, for the most part it’s been absolutely fine.

Comes with Freeview Play as well as Netflix, Amazon and YouTube (in 4k- looks amazing!!) as well as iPlayer native and a host of other apps. The interface is snappy and responsive.

There’s no noticeable lag at all on consoles, I notice some on my laptop but not my friends gaming PC.
If you have games that support HDR they will look even better and there’s no noticeable lag on those either.

You’ll want to adjust the picture settings a lot. It has a TERRIBLE adaptive backlight feature and adaptive contrast feature which increases and decreases the brightness of your screen. I have no idea why they included such a poor idea.

Mainly you’ll want to turn the backlight up, a lot, as the picture’s quite dim to begin with and sharpness obviously vitally important for a 4K TV and for some reason in the settings the sharpness is usually set to zero, again just stupid.