More Cinema 4D on a MacBook Air 2012

My second attempt, this time using the handy GreyScaleGorilla City plugin as well as various light sources and textures.

I opened the render in Photoshop and adjusted the colour using control layers, masked it out using alpha channels to bring out the shadows and added a colour blend vignette to the text face and fillets.

Surprisingly, the MacBook Air 2012 i5 appeared to handle Cinema 4D rendering better than my 2009 MacPro – I imagine this is mostly down to the SSD with 6Gbps bus, 8GB of RAM and the integrated memory controller on the i5 Processor.

Learning Cinema 4D – thank you internet!

Thought I’d upload my experiment with Cinema 4D using textures and light sources – I plan on applying a transition effect between the words ‘EXISTCREATIVE’ and ‘FREELANCE DESIGN’ using either an explosion/partical effect or transformation and uploading it to YouTube (after I’ve set up a channel for myself).

It’s all pretty basic stuff but I am still familiarising myself with the interface and learning as I go. I plan on taking a course on it when I have the funds to do so.

Some Design Inspiration

97 Awesome Sites For Design Inspiration.

I stumbled across this brilliant and useful post whilst searching for inspiration for my first self promotion campaign. Some amazing designs and a great source of inspiration for those stuck in a creative rut.

Here’s some amazing examples from some seriously talented individuals/teams :

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