Amazing new font for people with dyslexia

Amazing new font for people with dyslexia.

This font has been designed to be easily read by people with Dyslexia. It uses clever weighting to give the font ‘gravity’ to help prevent the words and letters floating around and getting jumbled up in the mind of a dyslexic. The font is available completely free and we thoroughly recommend donating and showing your support by sharing with others.

From the creators…

“Your brain can sometimes do funny things to lettersOpenDyslexic tries to help prevent some of these things from happening. Letters have heavy weighted bottoms to add a kind of gravity to each letter,helping to keep your brain from rotating them around in ways that can make them look like other letters.Consistently weighted bottoms can also help reinforce the line of text. The unique shapes of each letter can help prevent flipping and swapping.”



Over 200 FREE Photoshop brushes to download

We thought we’d share a selection of over 200 free Photoshop Brushes along with their corresponding websites – all a great source of inspiration.


Please note some of these brushes have license restrictions, always consult with the author before using them on any commercial project.

Corporate invites and bargain lithographic printing

We were tasked with designing an invite for the 2012 Tamdown Christmas party. It was a black tie event so it needed to have a quality look and feel so to achieve this we went for lithographic print, with the caveat that it may prove prohibitively expensive. We chose a raw material with the snow flakes overprinted in spot UV, the finished article had a luxury, high-end look and feel at a price that was more than 50% less than other quotes I’d received when tendering the work out.

See a photo of the finished article below which we will follow up with a portfolio entry showcasing all elements of the invite (2 x A6 and 1 x A5 – all with litho)

A Collection of Elegant and Beautiful Wedding Fonts free to download

A Collection of Beautiful (and free) Wedding Fonts. Yet more fonts for you to download and another source of inspiration. Here are a selection of elegant and beautiful wedding fonts available free to download –

Mutlu Ornamental font

Respective font

Blessed Day font

Some Weatz font


Honey Script font


for even more, visit 30 Beautiful and Elegant Wedding Fonts.

Don’t forget, usage restrictions may apply – always seek author permission before using on any commercial projects.