Social Media Management – Facebook & Twitter targeted ads

Do you sell a product or service? We can create targeted social media advertisements that reach the people most likely to engage and want what you have to offer.

Social Media Management

We’ve recently been working on targeted Facebook and Twitter adverts and Social Media Management for a retail client and through researching the business’ key demographic we have tailored adverts targeted to key Facebook groups and interests whose profiles are most likely to engage. The results have been excellent with increased click-through rates which have resulted in a marked increase in sales – so much so that the client has invested more heavily into advertisement through Facebook and our social media management package.

In terms of raw figures – the latest advert which has been running for just 2 days has resulted in 124 new Facebook page likes with a reach of 9,670 and an amazing CTR (click through rate) of 4.206% now 11.4%!
(to put this into perspective, current average is 0.5-1.8%)

To learn more about how we can help you reach your key demographic or to enquire about our social media management, graphic design and web design services please get in touch today.