Adobe to end Creative Suite with CS7 to be creative cloud only!

David Wadhwani, GM of Adobe’s digital media business unit said “We believe that we’re now collectively hitting a tipping point where the web is now ready for a generation of tools and services that help build the future of HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript web.” He went on to explain “..the current system of duplicating changes made in the Creative Suite and Creative Cloud products was wasteful and unproductive.”


Adobe were expected to demonstrate Creative Suite 7 at its MAX conference in Los Angeles last Monday, however they announced that Creative Suite brand would be no more and all CS apps updates will only be added to its Creative Cloud suite – so will the next release be known as Creative Cloud 7 or CC7?

According to Adobe, all existing boxed-software owners will still be supported but they won’t be getting any upgrades from Adobe.

The dropping of boxed software wasn’t unexpected, as The Register warned in March – however the speed of change may take some by surprise as Creative Cloud is barely a year old and there are still only 500,000 users using the online service. Personally, I think Adobe risks alienating a lot of users however I feel it’s a necessary step and many other companies have done or are in the process of doing the same.



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