Adobe to end Creative Suite with CS7 to be creative cloud only!

David Wadhwani, GM of Adobe’s digital media business unit said “We believe that we’re now collectively hitting a tipping point where the web is now ready for a generation of tools and services that help build the future of HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript web.” He went on to explain “..the current system of duplicating changes made in the Creative Suite and Creative Cloud products was wasteful and unproductive.”


Adobe were expected to demonstrate Creative Suite 7 at its MAX conference in Los Angeles last Monday, however they announced that Creative Suite brand would be no more and all CS apps updates will only be added to its Creative Cloud suite – so will the next release be known as Creative Cloud 7 or CC7?

According to Adobe, all existing boxed-software owners will still be supported but they won’t be getting any upgrades from Adobe.

The dropping of boxed software wasn’t unexpected, as The Register warned in March – however the speed of change may take some by surprise as Creative Cloud is barely a year old and there are still only 500,000 users using the online service. Personally, I think Adobe risks alienating a lot of users however I feel it’s a necessary step and many other companies have done or are in the process of doing the same.



Excellent example of Design led marketing – The Kraken Blacked Spiced Rum

Kraken Influencer box

This is one of our favourite examples of a successful design led marketing campaign. We love the continuity of the design, from the style of bottle used through to the theme of the webpage as well as the various elements that make up the packaging – it all flows perfectly.

Kraken Influencer Box inside

The Kraken Black Spiced Rum – an aged Caribbean rum enriched with exotic spices including cinnamon, ginger and clove. Strong, rich, black, smooth 40% ABV rum packaged in a distinctive 70cl Victorian ‘flagon-style’ clear glass bottle. The brand takes its name from a legendary, mythical sea beast – a squid of monstrous size said to grow up to 100ft long – which attacks ships and devours their crews.

Cory O’Brien from The Future of Ads sums it up perfectly :

“The foundation of The Kraken’s marketing success was their focus on design, which gave them both a target audience (design geeks) and a messaging platform to build off of. The unique name, bold aesthetic and double handled bottle help to create a memorable brand, and set them apart in the minds of consumers from the supermarket aisle full of rums that merely focus on the results of drinking their product, or the history of their company to move units. By keeping their look and feel strong, yet simple, The Kraken has managed to not clutter their brand with excess design and distraction, and instead let the elements that form the essence of their brand shine through.”


source 1 2



Social Media Management packages for all budgets

social media management graphic design weekly

We offer comprehensive Social Media Management packages to suit all budgets. This service can be used pay as you go on a week by week basis so would be ideal for those needing a social presence during the high season or for temporary promotions. For more information see our latest entry on our social media management and targeted social media adverts here.

Intricate 360 degree Christmas Book designed by Yusuke Oono

This 3D story telling book was created using a laser cutter to precisely cut each scene out the material. We thought this creation was worthy of a blog entry – see images below and original source copy:

yusuke-oono-360-book-christmas-2-580x386 yusuke-oono-360-book-christmas-4-580x386 yusuke-oono-360-book-christmas-6-580x386 yusuke-oono-360-book-christmas-1

Back in October, Yusuke Oono won a contest by designing a palm-sized book that opens up 360 degrees, creating an entirely 3-dimensional storytelling world. He’s now come out with an equally stunning Christmas version, created in the same fashion as before – each page precisely etched using a laser cutter. It’s a shame it’s not available as a Christmas gift.



Graphic Design Projects for Patisserie Valerie

We’re happy to announce that we’ll be undertaking various Graphic Design projects for Patisserie Valerie, a very stylish art nouveau brand which has great heritage. Their first store was opened on Frith Street in London’s Soho in 1926 by Belgian born Madam Valerie. She came to London on a mission to introduce fine Continental Patisserie to the English. It was an instant success.

We’ve been tasked with creating POS, advertisements, flyers, labels, signage, packaging and more on a reactive, fast turnaround basis. Our most recent project was to create a strut card showcasing their winter drinks range – this included a lot of retouching and image manipulation in Photoshop.

Yet another source of amazing Photoshop brushes – FREE download

We’ve stumbled across another source of amazing Photoshop brushes FREE DOWNLOAD!! There is a seemingly in-exhaustable supply in all varieties and designs – the majority are of very high quality. Check out some of our favourites below and a link after the break –

Sweets Photoshop brush

Anchors Photoshop brush

Chinese Decor Brushes Photoshop brush

Tech Brush Pack Photoshop brush

The Universe Photoshop brush

Trance Brushes Photoshop brush

Winter Breeze Brushes Photoshop brush


For even more amazing Photoshop Brushes, FREE to download – I highly recommend you visit Brush Lovers

Don’t forget that usage restrictions may apply and always seek the creators permission before using these on any commercial project.

Amazing new font for people with dyslexia

Amazing new font for people with dyslexia.

This font has been designed to be easily read by people with Dyslexia. It uses clever weighting to give the font ‘gravity’ to help prevent the words and letters floating around and getting jumbled up in the mind of a dyslexic. The font is available completely free and we thoroughly recommend donating and showing your support by sharing with others.

From the creators…

“Your brain can sometimes do funny things to lettersOpenDyslexic tries to help prevent some of these things from happening. Letters have heavy weighted bottoms to add a kind of gravity to each letter,helping to keep your brain from rotating them around in ways that can make them look like other letters.Consistently weighted bottoms can also help reinforce the line of text. The unique shapes of each letter can help prevent flipping and swapping.”



Over 200 FREE Photoshop brushes to download

We thought we’d share a selection of over 200 free Photoshop Brushes along with their corresponding websites – all a great source of inspiration.


Please note some of these brushes have license restrictions, always consult with the author before using them on any commercial project.

Corporate invites and bargain lithographic printing

We were tasked with designing an invite for the 2012 Tamdown Christmas party. It was a black tie event so it needed to have a quality look and feel so to achieve this we went for lithographic print, with the caveat that it may prove prohibitively expensive. We chose a raw material with the snow flakes overprinted in spot UV, the finished article had a luxury, high-end look and feel at a price that was more than 50% less than other quotes I’d received when tendering the work out.

See a photo of the finished article below which we will follow up with a portfolio entry showcasing all elements of the invite (2 x A6 and 1 x A5 – all with litho)

A Collection of Elegant and Beautiful Wedding Fonts free to download

A Collection of Beautiful (and free) Wedding Fonts. Yet more fonts for you to download and another source of inspiration. Here are a selection of elegant and beautiful wedding fonts available free to download –

Mutlu Ornamental font

Respective font

Blessed Day font

Some Weatz font


Honey Script font


for even more, visit 30 Beautiful and Elegant Wedding Fonts.

Don’t forget, usage restrictions may apply – always seek author permission before using on any commercial projects.