Intricate 360 degree Christmas Book designed by Yusuke Oono

This 3D story telling book was created using a laser cutter to precisely cut each scene out the material. We thought this creation was worthy of a blog entry – see images below and original source copy:

yusuke-oono-360-book-christmas-2-580x386 yusuke-oono-360-book-christmas-4-580x386 yusuke-oono-360-book-christmas-6-580x386 yusuke-oono-360-book-christmas-1

Back in October, Yusuke Oono won a contest by designing a palm-sized book that opens up 360 degrees, creating an entirely 3-dimensional storytelling world. He’s now come out with an equally stunning Christmas version, created in the same fashion as before – each page precisely etched using a laser cutter. It’s a shame it’s not available as a Christmas gift.



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