Lil Packaging homepage refresh – UI/UX

  • Skills Needed:
    WordPress, Photoshop, Slider Revolution Plugin, After Effects
  • Client:
    Lil Packaging
  • Project URL:

I work for Lil Packaging out of their head office in Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire as a freelance digital marketing, SEO and e-commerce consultant but I also undertake graphic design duties for both print and digital.

The aim was to design an easy to navigate home page that clearly lists product categories, creating product icon images, framing them in the key range colour and also bringing the first row of items above the fold. We decided to go with “Lil Product Family” as a header for the product range as a nod to the fact they’re a family run business. We also updated the homepage slider to incorporate a video background – I took existing video assets and created a 30 second sequence showcasing the Lil Envelope (their most popular product) and the Breezebox (their patented mailer for luxury and fashion goods). In addition to this we also decided to make a feature of their brilliant packaging videos hosted on the YouTube channel by adding in a 3rd column below the fold.

I combined the above with SEO, multi-channel digital marketing campaigns and localisation which has seen their bounce rate drop below 8%, traffic increase 3 fold (and climbing) and a big impact on their web order sales and average basket size – equating to a great ROI and an increase in their customer base (check like for like figures in the report snap shot below – 341% increase in users, 331% increase in page views and a huge reduction in people leaving after the first page). 


All site development work, the main build and theme design was carried out by the super-talented chaps at Skweeze.

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