Promotional Flyer for a Christmas event

This A5 flyer was designed to promote an event loosely themed around the Lion, the witch and the wardrobe – we went for an aged antique look, synonymous with the venue’s history. On the back of the flyer you’ll find various elements that nod towards the Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe story, including three child train tickets (special transfer – ie. evacuation) and a ration book. I also included an old key to represent the key to the spare room and the Wardrobe. This was created to a tight budget and timescale.

Here’s the opening copy from the flyer:

“A rare opportunity to enjoy the beautiful Kevington Hall, never before opened to the dining public. Enjoy welcome drinks in “wartime London” before evacuating to the opulence of the dining rooms in the main house for a sumptuous 5 course feast.  After dinner, find the spare room and climb through the wardrobe into a winter land of imaginative cocktails, entertainment and dancing.”