Querion® app design UI/UX, logo and iconography

  • Client:
    More Margin Solutions Ltd
  • Project URL:

We worked along side More Margin Solutions to develop a logo that that would be used to represent their new app featured on the Windows 8.1 app store. The “Q” in Querion is a play on the question mark symbol which connects to the main purpose of the app, to ask and answer questions about the inner workings of retail businesses for the purpose of auditing, data analysis and creating simple visual answers to complex data-based questions. We also created the website and we are currently looking into the UI/UX visuals for the app design.

Querion is a unique, agile and easy to use tool that clarifies auditor output, creates immediate and comprehensive reporting and saves a wealth of management time… Querion will enable you to Audit, Test and Survey with consummate ease.

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